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Project: Schema language engineering in AvantGraph


Schema languages are critical for data system usability, both in terms of human understanding and in terms of system performance [0].  The property graph data model is part of the upcoming ISO standards around graph data management [4].  Developing a standard schema language for property graphs is part of this effort [3].  In Eindhoven we are developing AvantGraph, the state of the art graph analytics platform [1].  In our current work we have studied practical schema languages in anticipation of the upcoming standards [2,5].  

In this project you will work on the design and engineering of schema languages within AvantGraph, putting our earlier findings into practice.  The results of your work will serve as a foundation for user interface solutions as well as internal optimization of the AvantGraph query processing engine.  As such, your work will have broad impact in the science and practice of graph data management.

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[2] Formal specification and practical validation of property graph schemas. MSc thesis, TU/e. Nimo Beeren, 2022. 

[3] Linked Data Benchmark Council, Property Graph Schema Working Group.

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George Fletcher
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