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Project: Fairness-aware Influence Minimization for Combating Fake News


Influence blocking and fake news mitigation have been the main research direction for the network science and data mining research communities in the past few years. Several methods have been proposed in this direction [1]. However, none of the proposed solutions has proposed feature-blind method that is fair for each individual community. In this project, we will focus on proposing feature-blind solutions for fairness-aware influence blocking techniques. 

In the influence blocking problem, we focus on finding a smallest set of nodes whose immunization will minimize information spread over the network. This is referred to as influence minimization or influence blocking problem. 

We would like to propose a feature-blind solution that considers both the minimization of the objective function for fake news spread as well as maximize the fairness objective with respect to the communities while influence blocking.

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Mykola Pechenizkiy
Secondary supervisor
Akrati Saxena
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