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Project: Explaining schema conformance for knowledge graphs: conformance reporting for WikiProjects members


Wikidata is an open collaboratively built knowledge base. In the Wikidata community groups of editors who share interest in specific topics form WikiProjects. As part of their regular work, members of WikiProjects would like to regularly test the conformance of entity data in Wikidata against schemas for entity classes. We propose to study schema conformance checking for WikiProjects and develop a tool that would generate weekly conformance reports in tabular form for schemas of interest to WikiProjects. These tables would report overview statistics on the subset of entities covered by the schema and detailed information on items that are not in conformance. For non-conformant data the table would provide understandable rationale text for why data is not in conformance. Time permitting, we would also consider the evolution of schema conformance over time within projects as data and/or schemas are updated, and support for inspecting and explaining the temporal dynamics of conformance.

This work will help improve the quality and completeness of Wikidata, as a global open knowledge resource for humanity.

George Fletcher
Secondary supervisor
Katherine Thornton, Yale University (USA)
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