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Project: CHIL-M: CHallenges in analyzing Incomplete Longitudinal Medical data


--- Subproject 1 has been filled. Subproject 2 is still open.

In this project, we work together with the Dutch south-west Early Psoriatic Arthritis Registry (DEPAR) which is a collaboration of 15 medical centers in the Netherlands that aim to investigate which patient characteristics, measurements and scales are useful in determining an appropriate treatment for patients diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA), see

The registry collects all sorts of information from patients diagnosed with PsA: baseline characteristics, anamnesis, physical examination, results from blood tests, etc. Data collection occurs during every hospital visit (5 times in the first year, 2 times in the second year, and every subsequent year). The resulting dataset is heterogeneous, longitudinal, contains lots of missing data and is challenging to analyze.

The project is divided into 2 sub-projects (and has place for 2 students):

1. Handling missing values.

2. Discovering subgroups with exceptional longitudinal patterns.

See attached pdf for requirements, more information and references.

Detailed description
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Victoria Tascau
Rianne Schouten
Secondary supervisor
Wouter Duivesteijn