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Project: Object measurement by using computer vision (at a company)


Company: Datacation /

Location: Eindhoven (AI Innovation Center at High Tech Campus) or Amsterdam (VU)

Project description is a start-up that is building a no-code A.I. platform for drone companies. With this A.I. platform, companies can train, deploy and evaluate their customized computer vision algorithms, without having to have all the technical, in-depth A.I. expertise. Aerovision is a spin-off from Datacation, which is a start-up specialized in Data Engineering, Data Science and Data Analytics, operating from the AI Innovation Space within the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. Our enthusiastic team consists of people from different study backgrounds, but all with affinity and passion for data.

One important feature of the Aerovision platform will be to automatically measure objects that were detected by the image segmentation networks. For example, imagine a building that is captured by a drone. A customer wants to determine the surface of the walls, based on the drone videos. Our platform should be able to not only segment the walls, but also determining the surface of each wall. Therefore, we need to combine a wall segmentation model with other data (including drone position, height, camera angle, etc.). We need to research what the best approach is to do this.

Student requirements

  • experience with Python programming
  • computer deep / learning, preferably computer vision (or very motivated to learn)
  • entrepreneurial spirit
  • good communicative skills

Available resources

  • 90 GB of data is already available
  • access to customer who can provide the business insights
  • team with lots of computer vision experience to help/guide you


  • working together with experienced and passionate computer vision experts
  • working in the inspiring AI Innovation center @ High Tech Campus Eindhoven
  • travelling reimbursement and a fitness subscription
  • since we're a young startup (with limited resources), we cannot provide a remuneration unfortunately
Jakub Tomczak
Secondary supervisor
At the company
External location
Eindhoven (AI Innovation Center at High Tech Campus) or Amsterdam (VU)