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Research Project: EDIC: Exceptional and Deep Intelligent Coach


Our increased life expectancy unfortunately goes hand in hand with an increased amount of years living with chronic conditions such as diabetes and obesity. These conditions cannot be cured, but both the development of comorbidities and the quality of life are strongly influenced by proper self-management and deploying a healthy lifestyle. In the NWO DATA2PERSON funded EDIC project co-led by prof. Hermie Hermes (U. Twente) and prof. M. Pechenizkiy (TU/e), we bring in expertise in data mining, telemedicine, e-coaching, behavioral sciences, domain expertise in chronically ill patients, as well as hospitals (ZGT) and industry (Philips, Holst, RRD) perspectives to develop a novel data-driven coaching platform. We focus on studying two novel methodologies: (1) informed and interpretable complex event detection and model adaptation on heterogeneous and noisy data streams capturing patient's medical condition, lifestyle and behavior, and (2) data-driven personalized coaching based on modeling and causal inference from these data streams. 

Principal Investigator
Mykola Pechenizkiy
Involved members:
Wouter Duivesteijn
Decebal Mocanu
Rianne Schouten
Vishnu Tankasala Veparala
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