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Research Project: TWINERGY: digital twin of a vertical farm


TWINERGY aims to develop a digital twin of vertical farm including the next generation of plant monitoring technology to drive the future of climate control in vertical farming, with particular emphasis on the identification of new options to improve energy use efficiency of food production. We will develop new machine learning algorithms together with new plant sensing technologies to enable a detailed characterization of leaf and canopy level physiological parameters, in particular, those related to photosynthesis and biomass partitioning among plant organs. In addition, the project will develop a new functional-structural plant model for tomato to better describe and predict how the 3D plant architecture impacts photosynthesis and assimilate partitioning among different organs during plant growth and development under different light, COand temperature scenarios.

Principal Investigator
Joaquin Vanschoren
Involved members:
Fangqin Zhou
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