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Research Project: SkyHigh: Leveraging AI in Vertical Farming


Climate change, scarcity of fresh water, intensive pesticide use, mineral resource depletion, rapidly urbanising societies all challenge our food system to feed cities. To cope with these issues a farming revolution called vertical farming is starting. Vertical farming is a novel technology where plants are grown on many stacked layers with LED light. It is a secure and sustainable route to provide cities with fresh food. The Netherlands has the potential to become the world leader in vertical farming. Both the fresh food and the high-tech systems represent a very high market value as Dutch export products.

This program develops concepts for design and control of vertical farms that meet all targets on sustainability, yield, and quality, based on a fundamental understanding of the different components of vertical farming. This is achieved by a coordinated effort of researchers from disciplines ranging from genetics, breeding, metabolomics, physiology, horticulture, machine learning, climate control, energy systems and building physics together with a variety of leading companies. 

Principal Investigator
Joaquin Vanschoren
Involved members:
Andrei Simion-Constantinescu
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