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Research Project: AI4Europe - An AI on-demand platform for research excellence in Europe


The vision behind AI4Europe is to design and build infrastructure to bring together Europe’s existing and new computational resources, data, algorithms, software, services, platforms, and expertise, by offering a unified interface to all resources that will facilitate access and democratize Europe’s AI research and development resources for the benefit of all. In doing so, it also aims to bring together different communities within Europe’s AI landscape, while also broadening the range of researchers involved in AI. As such, it will stimulate serendipitous new collaborations and AI applications, as well as support current European AI initiatives that fuel AI research and development. It will empower Europe’s AI researchers to participate in exploring innovative ideas for advancing AI for the greater good, building a more resilient and sustainable society based on trustworthy AI, including communities, institutions, and regions that have been traditionally underserved.

Principal Investigator
Joaquin Vanschoren
Involved members:
Jos van der Velde
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